Warranty / Conditions


Our machines are guaranteed to perform in a manner as described and to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment. This applies to the basic machine, controls, accessories, and attachments per the original order does not include cutting tools, holding mechanisms or handling devices which are considered perishable items.
Our guarantee is valid only when the machine is set up, operated, and maintained in accordance with ERCO instructions and used with ERCO supplied parts. It is void in all cases where the machine is found defective through negligence or abuse. Likewise, where the machine has been altered, modified, disassembled, or repaired without prior written approval of ERCO.

All machines are made in accordance with engineering designs in effect and are sold subject to acceptance on our floor prior to shipment. Any deviations must be stated on the order. Acceptance of a machine does not relieve ERCO of the responsibility for the guarantee.

We reserve the right to repair or replace, at least expense to ERCO any component, assembly, or machine arrangement found defective.

ERCO will not be liable for replacement parts or labor expended under this guarantee unless authorized by us in advance of any such service being performed by any party.

Warranty service outside United States of America

Parts: Free of cost, F.O.B. our plant.

Cost of Labor: Any expenses incurred from dismantling and mounting defective parts will be paid by customer.

Service by factory personal: Free of cost except travel expenses be paid by customer.

The following is in lieu of all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, and there are no warranties which extend beyond the description of the products. No representative of the Company has any authority to waive, alter, vary or add to the terms hereof without prior approval in writing by an officer of the Company.


Prices quoted are subject to change without notice unless otherwise provided. Prices quoted above do not include special requirements that may be set forth in customers’ purchase order pertaining to prints, tolerances, paintings and other conditions of acceptance for equipment, prices do not include demonstration and instruction and customer’s plant. This can be provided on a per diem basis plus travel and expenses. Machines require special rigging for transportation and installation are quoted FOB our factory floor. Any taxes arising out of any order for this equipment have not been included and remain the responsibility of the buyer.

Factory testing of completely tooling machines include the running of up to one hour production of one type and size for customers examination and or observation. Prepared work peace blank and perishable tools or to be furnished at customer’s expense. Any production figures quoted are estimated based on 100% efficiency unless otherwise stated, with our understanding of the limits of accuracy and finish required, machinability of the material, and amount of material to be removed.

Delivery will be confirmed at time an order is placed and entered and is dependent on prompt receipt of the approved sample. With certified word piece drawings showing conditions of blank with operations and tolerances required, and electrical line current available for the equipment. Any delay in receiving the foregoing may adjust the delivery schedule and delivery promises

We reserve the right to deviate from the job description of the equipment quoted as may be dictated by engineering and development where such a deviation will augment the utility of the machine. Purchasers additions of revision of tolerance, design, process or equipment will be at buyer’s expense. Cancellation of any order cannot be made without our consent and then only on terms that will indemnify ERCO against loss.

We will make every effort to comply with OSHA regulations with regard to know noise, guarding and electrical standards, but since compliance is often dependent upon individual interpretation, we cannot guarantee for conformance. Methods of resolution will be discussed with purchaser or any questionable areas of compliance which may be indicated prior to shipment of equipment.

Machines are designed for maximum durability and rigidity to give long life as sustained accuracy, and or furnished with standard guarding. Since the variety of conditions under which machines will be used cannot be anticipated, it is the user’s responsibility to check thoroughly each machine following installation and fixturing to ensure that all safety requirements for particular job and locations are fulfilled. It is also important that the operators receive adequate instructions in the use and care of the equipment for safety.