Standard Shrinking Jaws: This is the most widely used assembly. Other designs are available for specialized shrinking applications.
Standard Stretching Jaws: This assembly is suitable for the vast majority of stretching applications


All ERCO machines are equipped with the patented ‘’ERCO’’ Shrinking Jaws or Stretching Jaws assemblies. They are easily interchangeable by means of Quick Change dovetail slide type anvils. The stippled surfaces of the jaws are parallel, and grip the work at two points. The action of the jaws then shrinks (or stretches) the material between these two points. For removing wrinkles from the flanges of a channel section, extended jaws are available. Jaw assemblies for special shrinking/stretching applications are available or can be designed and manufactured upon request.

The stippled working surfaces of the jaws grip the work piece and impart a finish to the material surface. A standard No.2 stippled jaw surface is used for a wide variety of applications. There are three finer grades of jaw stipple available: Nos. 1, 0, and 00. For work with harder alloy metals, a more coarse No.3 stippled jaw surface may be appropriate. When stippling on the jaws is worn smooth, they can be reground and restippled in any grade for a nominal charge.


Capacity maximum metal thickness of 70,000 PSI tensile.015 ‘’copper to 3/16’’mild steel
Depth of throat4 in to 24 in.
Distance from floor to working surface jaws43 1/2 in. to 45-1/2 in.
Stroke of ram1/4 in.
Overall height50 in. to 72-1/2 in.
Overall length23 in. to 53-1/2 in.
Overall width16 in. to 25-1/2 in.
Net weight330 Ibs. to 3700 lbs.
Shipping weight, crated430 Ibs. to 3900 lbs.
Shipping weight. export boxed510 Ibs. to 4575 lbs.
Box dimensions20" W x 55" H x 29" L , to 38’’ x 78’ ’x 62’’