Shrinking & Stretching Machine


The ERCO shrinking and stretching combined in one machine tool the ability to economically shrink and stretch, remove wrinkles, curves tees and angles, produce double curvatures in flat sheets.

Shrinking incrementally reduces the length of metal workpiece with every working stroke; conversely, stretching increases the length of metal workpiece with every working stroke.

Model 478

Model 1447-6DT

Model 178

Model 312P

Sheet Metal Shrinking and Stretching Machine

Originally developed for use in the aircraft industry on aluminum parts, the 1447-6DT is now widely used by the entire metal working industry because of its ability to:

  • Remove wrinkles and fit sections normally formed in presses or drop hammers.
  • Form rolled, extruded and formed angles and tees.
  • Produce double curvatures from flat sheets.

The machine performs efficiently on most metals.

All models combine shrinking and stretching capabilities into one unit and provide the following advantages:

  • Eliminates time consuming hand de-wrinkling and hammering operations.
  • Eliminates expensive form blocks and special anvils.
  • Increases work output and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Eliminates use of special dies or presses in forming various shapes and contours on angles, tees and other sections.
  • Cold-worked material results in higher material strengths.

The Model 1447-6DT(6-inch throat ), Model 1447-12 (12-inch throat) foot-operated, and Heavy Duty foot-operated Shrinker Model 187 (4-inch throat), ideal for short production runs and prototype work, requires little floor space in assembly or manufacturing areas.

For longer production runs, the ERCO Model 312BDT (12-inch throat), Model 306(6-inch throat), Model 476 (24-inch throat) Power Shrinker Stretcher is more effective.