What can ERCO Sheet Metal Formers be used for?

Machines for Metal Working

Metal working is vital for building structures. The aerospace industry, in particular, is broad and it involves different aspects of building, designing, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft parts, aircraft, rockets, missiles, or spacecraft. Because of this, it is important for us to use the proper machines to form and stretch sheet metal.

At SalForm, we sell ERCO Sheet Metal Formers specifically designed for forming, flanging, shrinking, and stretching sheet metal. There are two types of ERCO Sheet Metal Formers: shrinkers & stretchers and flangers.

The ECRO Model HD Sheet Metal Former and Flanger

Also called flangers, can form flange or edge of particular heights and shapes on many different kinds and thicknesses of sheet metals. The lowest radial limit of the curved edge and highest height level of the flange that is formed is only limited by the thickness of the material and height of the flange. This machine includes infinite radius and angle control and eliminates expensive dies and in edge flanging and forming.

The forming and flanging machine is a self-contained unit. Both drive motor and operating mechanism are placed below the work level. Supporting the sheet metal is a flat table that passes the metal through the working head. Both the hold-down tool and the brake plate tool along with the anvil are set up and arranged on a solid frame.

Sheet Metal Shrinking and Stretching Machine

Also called shrinkers & stretchers, this machine was originally designed and developed to be used in the aircraft industry on aluminum parts. This machine is used extensively because of its convenient abilities. It can eliminate wrinkles as it fits sections that are formed normally in presses or drop hammers. It can generate double curvatures from flat sheets.

There are three different models. One is called Model 1447-120T which is a 12-inch throat foot-operated machine.

The other model is called the 1447-60T and it is now widely used and available to the whole metal working industry. This model is ideally used for prototype work and short production runs because it requires less floor space in manufacturing areas. The operation is simple and can only take a few minutes for the operator to be familiar with everything.

And lastly, the TGE-ERGO Model 312BOT which is a power shrinker/stretcher. This is used for longer production runs and is far more effective.

This model can be used more efficiently with most metals because it incorporates both shrinking and stretching capabilities into one machine. It is very beneficial because of its efficiency in metal shrinking and stretching. It eliminates the need for manually de-wrinkling and hammering operations which can be time-consuming. It defeats the need