Erco Metal Former Uses

Erco Metal Former Uses
For anyone who has worked with fabricated metal knows the importance of a sheet metal former. With so many brands in the market, it is easy to get spoilt for choice. The erco-metal sheet former has been in the industry for a long time and can be trusted to deliver on the work needed. In knowing what exactly it does, you will know whether this is the right one for you. Please make sure you get it from a reputable dealer also to get a warranty for it and after purchase services. If you had no idea that the erco sheet metal former is still in use, then here are its various uses.

Forming Bends

You can use the metal former to make plain, return bends and offset the large flared radius and half-round flanges on metal curved or straight edges.

Flanging Edges

If you have circular discs, you can form internal and external edges on them. However, this is only possible if the opening is more than 6 inches.

Forming Flanges on Cylinder End

The erco-metal sheet former can create external flanges on the ends of cylinders and crowned sheet metal with a 4 inches and bigger radii curves. It can also be used on internal flanges with a radius of 5 inches or bigger.

Works on Soft and Semi-Hard Metals

The erco-steel metal former also works on soft and semi-hard metals like steel, brass, and aluminum. It also works in alloys of aluminum and Monel metal. This comes in handy because this material makes working on them by hand very expensive, and the production cot will be so expensive, especially power cost and die equipment.

Eliminates the Need for Expensive Add-Ons

If you have worked with other metal formers, you will know that there is the extra cost to get dyes for them to work. This is not the case with the erco-metal former. The equipment comes with its add-ons, which makes it cheaper and convenient to use.

It Has an Infinite Radius and Angle Control

This particular model comes with the ability to form flanges and edges of various height and shapes. It can work with different shapes, heights, and thicknesses if sheet metals. It is limited by the metal’s thickness and material, which can be seen in the bend tables.

The good thing with this metal former is the ease of use. You do not need a lot of experience to work it. On buying it, you get a manual that will help you work your way around it. Before you get started using it, ensure you have all the parts fixed together in the right way and that they are all working well. Take your time to test out the different procedures on smaller pieces of metal before working on the actual project. This will help you get a feel of how the machine works and what you need to adjust. Checkout SALFORM for more informtion.