ERCO rivet applications

Engineering and Research Corporation, more commonly known as ERCO was founded in 1936 by Henry Berlinger. The ERCO company was founded to be a large producer and manufacturer of tools that are able to build metal aircraft machines as well as air craft propellers. ERCO is able to produce everything from riveters, to tooling for riveters, engineered rivet applications, portable model riveters, automatic punch riveter, shrinkers, jaw services and tooling for shrinkers.

Automatic punch riveter
These are tools that are absolutely ingenious and it takes the need for two different tools for hole punching and press dimpling into one single tool saving you time and money. Rivet tools can be used by one operator in just a single place with almost total safety so you do not have to split shifts of the work or go between different people to punch and rivet.

These two in one functions are just basic functions for the automatic riveter on all three of the models with the biggest difference between each automatic punch riveter are the dimensions of the throats. They are all pneumatically powered and electrically-controlled and has a foot pedal that is either combination controlled, fully automatic, or two-pedals. They are all made to be as easy and efficient as possible for the operator. It can also come in a portable model so that you can take it with you on projects far away or have the ability to move it when you are working on a large project that calls for you to move around a lot.

Capacity for engineered rivet applications
Riveters have a huge capacity to take on just about any project that you put it through. It has a material tensile strength of approximately 65,000 pounds per square inch and can bare up to 10,000 p.s.i. at one time. It also has a maximum combined material thickness of 1/8″ and has 1000 countersunk head solid rivets.
When you look at the throat of the riveter you will see that going from the center of the punch and measuring to the machine frame is going to be 3 and 1/4″ while the top of the stripper to the top of the stripper arm measures 11/16″ and 3/8″ between the punch and the die.

How much does the automatic riveter weigh
Most operators want to know how heavy the riveter is so that they can know how easy it will be to move it around and work with it, and if the portable function will really be as easy to move as advertised. the punch riveter weighs a total of 28 1/4 pounds, the bench mounting bracket is 8 and 1/4 pounds, and the remote control to turn it on and off and control the speed is about 4 pounds.

The automatic riveter requires 90-100 p.s.i. of lubricated air to operate it. Once you get it going and learn how to use it, it can make 30 rivets per minute in automatic mode and 20 rivets per minute in semi-automatic m