Portable Automatic Model 43


FLEXIBILITY is the key word to describe the ERCO Model 43 Portable Punch-riveter. This pneumatic riveter offers job-to-job mobility while performing punch-riveting in an automatic, two-step cycle.

An optional bench mounting bracket allows the riveter to operate in a fixed position for long production runs of up to 14,400 rivets per day. The riveter’s compact size and light weight make it easy to handle, while an eyebolt allows suspension from a reel balancer for raising and lowering or transportation to hard-to-reach areas.

Simple tool changing accommodates 1/8” diameter universal head or 3/32” diameter countersunk rivets. ERCO also offers G-frame punch-riveters for large work-piece riveting, with up to 1/4” rivet capacity. Punch-riveters can also be custom designed for special applications.

Productivity, flexibility, strength and economy

This unique automatic punch-riveter, incorporating over two decades of design and manufacturing experience, represents a major advance in state-of-the-art fabrication. By making its own hole and then inserting and heading the rivet in one complete, automatic cycle, ERCO’s Model 43 portable punch-riveter offers the greatest possible joint strength with maximum manpower and material economies. Even an unskilled operator can complete a riveted joint every two seconds!

Using either a foot-operated remote control or a push button on the grip handle, this riveter automatically punches and rivets with each depression. A quick turn of the selector switch on the side of the frame places the machine in a two-cycle operational mode, which requires two separate depressions of the foot pedal or push button to punch and rivet. This semi-automatic stage is ideal for set-up testing, pre-run work alignment, or for introducing another element (such as a washer) into the joint.