MODEL NUMBERS:518E618E536E636E836E548E648E848E
Capacity*    - maximum diameter of rivet shank5/32"3/16"5/32"3/16"1/4"5/32"3/16"1/4"
   - combined thickness of material, using plain rivets Not to exceed rivet shank diameter
   - combined thickness of material, using countersink rivets Not to exceed 75% of rivet shank diameter
Depth of throat from punch to frame18"18"36"36"36"48"48"48"
Opening between punch and die (using max. thickness material)1 1/4"1 1/8"1 1/4"1 1/8"1"   
   - with anvil support in riveting position1 1/4"1 1/8"1"
   - with anvil support lowered3 3/4"3 5/8"3 1/4"
Air pressure required (in pounds per sq. inch)90 to 100
Electrical power required110-120V AC, single-phase, 50/60 cycle
Speed of machine (in rivets per minute)**45 to 4045 to 3045 to 4045 to 3035 to 20 45 to 4045 to 3035 to 20
Net weight (in pounds)1,1001,2003,1503,2503,4006,5006,6006,700
Shipping weight on skids for domestic shipment (in pounds)1,2501,3503,4003,5003,6006,7006,8006,900
Shipping weight boxed for export shipment (in pounds)1,5001,6003,9004,0004,1007,9008,0008,100
Dimensions of export shipping box24" x 48" x 60"39" x 76" x 78" 44" x 93" x 98"
*Based on mild steel (45,000 PSI Tensile)

*Varies with rivet diameter and material thickness

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment supplied with the ERCO Automatic Punch Riveter is as follows:

  • Basic machine, with one rivet head tooling setup, size as specified by customer
  • Electric, foot-operated, remote control (two-pedal type)
  • Anvil support (special “quick drop” type supplied with 48″ unit*)
  • Air-driven hopper drum (size to match rivet head tooling)
  • Air-operated stripper, with air pressure gauge

Optional Equipment

  • Rivet-locating spotlight (Note: This ERCO device is invaluable for positioning of irregularly-spaced riveting points. It provides a pin-point of light directly over the die, eliminating off center punching.)
  • Extra hopper feed and rivet head tooling for each rivet diameter and head style.
  • Adjustable work table
  • Special anvil supports (Note: Various types of specialized anvil supports are available, including rotary supports for the 48″ unit.
  • Single-pedal control
  • Air filter and lubricator
  • Special anvil supports are available for the 16′ models. The extra large punch-to-die opening provided in the 46-inch una is controlled automatically with “O”own and “U”p buttons located on the remote control. This feature permits easy handling of large and small radii curves.