Automatic 3 in 1 Model E Series


Combine 3 operations in 1 … with speeds up to 45 rivets per minute

The ingenious ERCO machine tool combines into one operation the once-separate tasks of hole punching, press dimpling (for flush rivets), rivet feeding and upsetting. These tasks are performed by one operator, at one location, with greater safety, without the need of shifting the work between punching and riveting, and at speeds up to 45 rivets per minute.

There are three basic models of ERCO Automatic Punch Riveter, the principal difference being in the throat dimensions. All three units are pneumatically-powered and electrically-controlled. Remote control is in the form of a foot-pedal assembly, which is cable connected to the machine and can be located at the point of maximum convenience to the operator. This control is a combination, fully automatic one-pedal model, or a two-pedal unit. Both versions are designed for maximum operator efficiency.

(TCE CORPORATION) ERCO also offers a portable version weighing only 28-1/2 pounds, permitting easy mobility along a large workpiece.


In addition to standard models, (TCE) ERCO engineers can design special riveting machines to suit your production needs. (TCE) ERCO engineers have developed designs that provide for CNC control of multiple function riveting operations. Our engineers have also developed both rotary and in-line transfer fixturing for both parts and riveting heads. If you have a fastening operation that requires high production riveting call (TCE Corporation) ERCO for an engineered solution.