Metal Forming Machine Tools

State of the art metal working tools effective range of sheet metal formers, flangers, shrinkers, stretchers, and riveters from ERCO – the leading brand.   

More than 165,000,000,000 rivet fastenings have been made with ERCO riveters for a savings of more than $8 billion dollars.

The Erco Model HD Sheet Metal Former and Flanger has the ability to form flange or edge of certain heights and shapes on most kinds and thicknesses of sheet metals. 

The ingenious Erco design combined into one operation the once -separate task of hole punching or drilling , press dimpling ( for flush rivets) rivet feeding and upsetting. These tasks are performed by one operator at one location with great safety without the need of shifting the work between punching and riveting and at speed up to 45 rivets per minute.

The Erco shrinking and stretching machine combines the ability to economically shrink and stretch, remove wrinkles, curves, tees, and angles, and produce double curvatures in flat sheets.

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